Modernize Your Home With Timeless Design - 5 ways to decorate your home in a trendy way that won't date

by The Right Buy Store on May 17, 2022

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There's nothing wrong with working with a designer who can help you bring in some of the latest trends in home design. That said, there are some basic elements that should be incorporated into every home design. We're going to look at those first, before moving on to more modern elements like colour schemes and furniture choices.

Classic Elements for Home Design

It's important to note that not all classic elements are the same — some are more timeless than others. For example, black-and-white photographs on walls can be timeless but colours such as pink and purple won't last nearly as long.

Here are some classic elements that every home should include:

Natural light: This is one of the most important things you can add to any room in your house. Natural light creates an inviting atmosphere and makes your space feel larger than it really is (which helps when decorating small spaces).

You don't need skylights or huge windows; just use mirrors strategically placed around windows to reflect natural light into dark areas of the room and increase its size visually. Keep curtains open during daylight hours so

Here are 5 ways to decorate your home in a way that makes it fashionable, yet timeless:


1) Use design elements that can be incorporated into several different styles, not just one specific style. For example, a classic sofa can be paired with contemporary art and accessories in order to create a modern look.

2) Choose furniture that fits your lifestyle and budget without sacrificing quality or style. Go for timeless designs instead of trendy ones if they fit your lifestyle better — like a classic leather sofa over a pop-up futon couch.

3) Choose pieces that will stand out on their own without being too flashy or gaudy. A simple chair with clean lines is more likely to make an impact than a brightly coloured chaise lounge covered in sequins — even if the latter is part of a current trend!

4) Add pops of colour to your walls with artwork or wall hangings. A few bold pieces will liven up any room — just be sure not to go overboard with too many patterns or colours.

5) Upgrade a basic piece of furniture by painting or staining it any colour other than the original wood finish. For instance, instead of using white paint on an oak desk, try something brighter like red or turquoise. Or paint an old dresser black instead of white; it will look fresher than ever!

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