Did you know Deforestation is one of the main contributors to climate change.? Forests cover 31% of the land area on Earth and annually 75,700 square kilometers (18.7 million acres) of the forest is lost. Mass deforestation continues to threaten tropical forests, their biodiversity, and the ecosystem services they provide.

We are here to support our planet and to focus on what really matters to us, our kids, and future generations to come.
That's why THE RIGHT BUY STORE decided to partner up with Tree Nation, whose focus is on reforestation and the reduction of the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.
Every time you buy any item in our store, a tree will be planted in your name! HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT!

By buying from The Right Buy Store you are saving not only money but also our planet, we found the Tree-Nation charity to be very close to our hearts, and thanks to Tree-Nation's hard work bit by bit, seed by seed we will change the ending to our story. We don’t want to be just a furniture company we want to be a company that give back to people and to mother nature.


Most of these 500,000 trees were planted on Tree-Nation's exclusive Sildhunga site of 1,729 ha in the Sindhupalchowk District. 

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Tree-Nation is the reforestation platform that gathers together in one place the largest number of tree planting projects around the world. The organization offers people the possibility to select from over 300 different tree species which can be planted in 70 different reforestation projects located in 4 different continents. In every project, the species are carefully selected according to the specific benefits they bring to the environment and to the local population. Each tree planted on the Tree-Nation platform is assigned its own unique URL, which means the species, the location, the plantation project information, and the CO2 compensation values can be tracked throughout the lifetime of the tree.


600.000 trees funded by the Tree-Nation community!

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